Governance Can Begin In

MUSHI (erc20)

  • To become a founding member, mint MUSHI membership tokens by depositing ETH.
  • 100% of ETH deposits go to the DAO treasury.
  • MUSHI holders can withdraw (”rage-quit”) at any time, burning their MUSHI tokens and receiving their pro-rata share of ETH and/or ERC20 assets from the treasury.
  • There is no other way to receive MUSHI tokens. No tokens are airdropped or minted for free, not even to the DAO creators. Everyone has equal access at the same equal share price.

  • Governance cannot begin until March 25th allowing a minimum period of time for minting MUSHI tokens before any governance operations may begin.
  • After this timestamp, MUSHI holders can create a proposal to initialize governance. The only requirement is that at least PERCENTAGE of the initial max MUSHI supply is in circulation.
  • MUSHI holders vote on proposals via delegation (originally implemented by Compound governance).
  • Once the initialize governance proposal has been passed and executed, DAO members can create, vote on, and execute any further proposals they wish.
  • The DAO is in full control of all future actions, including:
    • Management of ongoing MUSHI token supply and share price
    • Treasury operations
    • Future business directions
    • TLDR: Whatever the DAO members vote to do, the DAO does.
  • A truly decentralized and autonomous organization from inception.

  • You are in control. Create and vote on proposals. Receive pro-rata profit distributions. Dissolve your membership at any time, leaving with your fair share of the treasury.
  • Everything is on-chain. All membership and governance functions are managed by verified smart contracts. No middlemen. No closed doors. Radical transparency.

  • Primordium is a for-profit business DAO (the first of its kind).
  • Primordium is spear-heading a new movement of for-profit business DAOs.
  • It is equal opportunity for all.
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